Responding to Institutional Investors’ ESG Demands

Webinar Listed Company Corporate Actions Sharing

Institutional Investors’ ESG mandates

Navigating the SPAC listing in Hong Kong a webinar by Alliance Advisors

Latest Compliance Development for Hong Kong Listed Companies

Navigating Proxy Season with SEC Disclosure Mandates and Litigation Risks Lurking

What are Institutional Investors’ ESG mandates?

Alliance Advisors and The Cape Town Stock Exchange’s ESG Webinar Series: Part 3 Governance

Alliance Advisors and The Cape Town Stock Exchange’s ESG Webinar Series: Part 2 Social

Alliance Advisors and The Cape Town Stock Exchange’s ESG Webinar Series: Part 1 Environmental

Board Evaluation Best Practices

SEC Actions Under the Biden Administration

Impact of Changing Shareholder Demographics and Broker Discretionary Voting Policies

Was the Exxon Fight a Bellwether?

Changes in Broker Voting Practices and More

Nasdaq Amends Board Diversity Proposal

TD Ameritrade Eliminates Discretionary Voting

A Look at Investor Relations Trends and Developments

BlackRock and Vanguard Support Human Rights Due Diligence Proposal

Institutional Investors Ask Members of the Business Roundtable to Refrain From Political Giving

BlackRock Expects Companies to Have Clear Policies and Action Plans to Manage Climate Risks

Large Institutional Investor Support for Political Disclosure Increased in 2020

Glass Lewis’ Guidance on Executive Compensation Proposals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Larry Fink’s 2021 Letter to CEOs Focuses on Environmental and Social Issues

Glass Lewis’ 2021 Virtual Shareholder Meeting Policy

State Street’s Top Priorities in 2021 Proxy Season

Strategies to Optimize Support at Your Upcoming Annual Shareholders Meeting

Key Glass Lewis 2021 Policy Updates

Nasdaq is Pushing Companies to Increase Board Diversity

Review of ISS’ 2021 Policy Updates

BlackRock Endorses Creating Single Reporting Framework

SEC’s Proposed Changes to 13F Reporting Threshold Faces Stiff Criticism

Tabulation and Inspector of Elections Practices during COVID-19 Pandemic

Illinois State Treasurer Leads Efforts to Increase Board Diversity

Corp Gov Alert: ISS’ Approach to Analyzing Executive Compensation Decisions in Light of COVID-19

What’s the Most Effective Delivery Method for Proxy Materials? It Depends on Your Shareholder Base.

ISS Proposed Policy Changes for 2021 Increase Scrutiny on Director Nominees

Glass Lewis’ 2020 Proxy Season Review Highlights Investors’ Concerns

Corporate Governance Alert: SSgA Published Their 2020 Proxy Season Review

Vanguard’s 2020 Annual Stewardship Report

2020 Corporate Governance Trends in Asia-Pacific

A look at shareholder proposals through the first quarter of 2020.

A look at how COVID-19 and social justice protests will impact 2020 fall off-season engagements

Summary of the SEC Guidance on Annual Meetings in light of COVID-19 that was issued Friday 3/13/20.

Data points to increased retail voting participation for actively solicited campaigns

NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer, urges companies to report employee diversity data.

Strategies for Effective Retail Campaigns

Will Advisory Firms and Institutions Revisit Their Virtual Meeting Policies in Light of Coronavirus?

Engagements during the 2020 Proxy Season proceeded smoothly despite COVID-19 pandemic

ESG issues remain key focus during 2020 proxy season

Hybrid shareholder meetings may be the new standard

Key ESG Issues for 2020 Proxy Season

A look back at Virtual Shareholders Meetings during 2020 Proxy Season

Alliance Advisors’ Ownership Insight

Alliance Advisors – Ownership Insight

Alliance Advisors – Proxy Management

BlackRock Investment Stewardship Report describes its 2020 voting and engagement activities

Board Diversity and Underrepresented Populations

Charles Schwab No Longer Utilizing Proportionate Voting

2020 Proxy Season Review

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